The Success Gurus #1 gold standard advice for achieving success is to take massive action. They further advise prior to commencing taking action to specifically know: 1) the result you want to achieve 2) your purpose for wanting to attain it 3) the date you will achieve it by, and 4) the steps you will take. After jotting all down, you’re ready, set and go.

By now, everyone who has been on a quest for success has heard, and most likely followed this noteworthy advice. Yet, despite having followed it, aren’t satisfied with the success they’ve achieved. And, thus, often left suffering from feelings of failure. But, that simply is not the truth. The truth is that the formula has failed the person, not the person who has failed.

This traditional RX for success has neglected to include one massively important ingredient. That ingredient is Truth. You see, Truth is the one ingredient that makes each person unique. It’s the one ingredient that customizes and individualizes the RX for success. Otherwise, the RX is a generic, non-specific formulae that doesn’t take each person’s unique Truth into account. Well, no wonder why the formula doesn’t work very expediently or effectively!

Taking massive action works to attain super sized, sustainable success only when the actions taken are consistent with the truth of who you are.


Personal authenticity is what makes you special and comprises the unique offering you possess to gift upon the world and is your divined destiny to fulfil. Thus, it goes to reason, that any action taken (let alone massive action) devoid of the truth of who you are, is dissociative and disrupts one’s ability to attain and sustain success. Well, that’s a whole lot of wasted effort if you ask me!

Now that I’ve driven home the importance of applying personal authenticity to every action taken, there is an imperative add-on, that if not used in conjunction with authenticity, will cause all that energy expended to take massive action, to be ineffectual.  That add-on is this: to be both truthful and authentic.  These twin truths when combined provide the missing ingredient to the typical standard advice on how to achieve success.

Taking massive action becomes effective and speeds your time to success when you are being:

1.  Authentic. Living out the truth of who you are at your core.

2.  Truthful. Walking and talking the truth. Making decisions and taking actions that are consistent with truth not fabrication.

So, yes, go ahead and make “take massive action” your standard for success, but make “Truth” your gold standard of loyalty to yourself and all those you serve to achieve the super sized success that you desire and deserve.

In closing my shocking confession: I really believed I was going to knock it out the park! I took massive action and got the big job. I was thrilled. I was on my way to achieving my financial goal. Thrilled turned into derailed, when, I was like, WTF! I’m not happy and I’m not liking what I’m seeing, hearing or doing. I had just realized being a corporate spy was totally not me. Was it cool? Yes. Did it pay a lot? Yes. Is corporate spying a norm in America, yes. I hated it and myself for doing it. I took immediate action and quit.  My next action step was to take a time out to rediscover my inner truth, my authentic self (as corny as it all sounds) so that I could go on to take constructive rather than destructive massive action. I learned that massive action absent of truth is fruitless DOING. And, a loyalty to truth guarantees BEING a success.