The Power of Super Sized Success Training

” I met Linda when I was dealing with personal and professional challenges. Working with her helped me reinforce my convictions and motivated me to take action. As a result, I now have my own financial planning practice; and I continue to implement Linda’s ideas into all aspects of my personal and professional life.”

R.S.L., Jr.

CFP Financial Advisor

“I met her. I wanted what she had: both inner and outer beauty. She has touched my life in so many ways with her strength, grace and selflessness. She is my angel. I respect and love how she is true to herself and courageous, even when it is uncomfortable. I strive to emulate her every day. I was struggling with the events of my life, thinking I was being punished. She taught me to look at my challenges as gifts and blessings. I heard her and everything changed for me.”


Vice President, Yates-Silverman, Inc.

“I’ve been coaching with Linda on and off for six years. With each cycle she has helped me Break through barriers that had previously been blocking my progression. I have literally TRIPLED MY INCOME and got a promotion that I was trying to manifest for years at other companies. In my first three months, she helped me land my dream job at a place I’ve built my career For the last six years. My personal relationships have flourished as well. My boyfriend of 14yrs is now anxious to Marry me and my new-found confidence has helped improve all my relationships. Not only is Linda Logical and deliberate in all her direction, but she is caring beyond words. She is not an enabler though and the key is to put full trust in her work. She only moves you to places you are ready to go and at a speed that you can handle. I will continue to work with Linda as long as she is willing. Her work has been life-changing.”


“My experience working with Linda Zander has been life changing. Her insights, wisdom and spiritual solutions with empowering tools have been an invaluable source of strength. Linda is a beautiful, radiant light. I am so grateful and honored to know her.”




“Linda has inspired me with her positive, upbeat energy. She gives of herself and genuinely likes being of service to others. She has shown me that someone who is honest, ethical, conscientious and honorable can be a success in a difficult and challenging field. As an attorney, I’ve met many people who are ruthless and cynical, which is why it’s refreshing to know someone who can ‘swim with the sharks’ and be successful and happy in a challenging field without having to resort to becoming one of the soulless driven minions”

J. D.


“The principles taught by Linda Zander are truly divine gifts being presented to the world, as is Ms. Zander herself For many years, I have been honored to work with such amazing people as Al Gore, the Dalai Lama, and others who have been truly inspired to make this world better for all living things. These are people who understand the subtle connections and power of life when it is unbound and unlimited Ms. Zander’s teachings are putting all of our efforts into one wonderful movement…and it will start by changing your life and finish by changing the world!”

J. D. W.

Activist and Writer

“When I first began working with Linda Zander, I had just been laid off work. . .a job I hated to begin with. I was lost and looking for a way to live my truth while sustaining a relatively comfortable lifestyle. Within a month of working her sustainable success model, I experienced significant improvement in my attitude, confidence and over-all well-being. I found my truth and was able to feel whole and complete. My relationships were more connected and fulfilling and I experienced an inner-happiness that I never had before. My family even made comments about how happy I look and how much happiness I radiated. Within a short period of time using her model, my entire life changed. I am fulfilled from the inside; I have manifested the exact job I have always wanted. I would have never thought that in such a short period of time, I would have the life I’ve always wanted and it’s continuing to expand every day. Linda Zander is a master at her work and has become the role model for which I aspire to be. Her professionalism, generosity and compassion have never faltered. Her services have been worth every penny, and it was the single best investment I’ve ever made with the largest return!”

V. M.

“Linda is an amazing spiritual life coach. She inspires and role models living with power, passion and purpose. She teaches you how to take action and create the life you want, while loving the life you are creating at every step. No matter what you want in life/career success, your own business, more money, nurturing relationships, or greater life purpose, Linda can support you as you actualize your highest personal and professional potential. Whether you are just a little bit stuck or want to completely revamp, Linda is a consciousness coach of the highest caliber. When you are ready to change your life, she will help you reconnect and to manifest the life of your wildest dreams. “

Dr. M.R.

Counseling Psychology