In the tech world of computers, a “timed out” status refers to a connection being cancelled if an expected input is not received after a specified time.  “Timed out” may be techy terminology, but it sure does have real time application to the business of how to attain maximum success in minimum time.

There isn’t anything high tech about how to attain the success you want in minimum time. There exists a simple set of basic human behaviors that can short-cut your time to success and prevent you from having to experience the dreaded “timed out” status and then having to go through the “fix connection” hassle which, as you know, often does not solve the problem and causes a lot of stress and lost time.

What I’m getting at is something that as an entrepreneur and success coach I personally encounter and witness all too frequently; people seeking opportunity who do not follow through.  Failure to follow through in a timely manner, which consequently, results in a lost opportunity. They’ve literally, timed themselves out of success.  The ultra-successful do not wait for those who delay. They keep moving forward no matter what. In the space of time that a connection has gone cold; i.e., where expected input not received in a promised or reasonable time frame, the connection is dropped.

It’s plain to see how just one connection alone timed out can cause delay to one’s own success, let alone where one is in the habit of not following up or through in a timely manner.

 “You will find the key to success under the alarm clock.” Benjamin Franklin

Here’s How to Short Cut Your Way to Success and Avert Timed Out Success

1. Show up on time. No, there really isn’t a socially acceptable fudge factor.

2. Express enthusiasm. Connection gets chilly where there’s no live wire.

3. Don’t just show up on time, but also deliver what was promised. Repeated multiple connections to deliver will result in a lost connection.

4. Make the connection process and delivery of goods and services promised as easy on your prospect as possible.

5. Be consistent. Don’t be hot one minute and cold the next. Avoid going dark (silent) then out of the blue start bombarding with messages.

6. Listen more than speak.

7. Be realistic in the pursuit of your connections. Pursue connections that provide mutual benefit, common interest and matching objectives.

8. Be Truthful in all your communications and representations.

Lastly, if you’ve lost that loving feeling for the work that you are doing, then it’s time to take a constructive time out. Asses if you can restore your own connection to it or if it’s time to end that connection and find a new love connection.

In closing my shocking confession: A person came to me seeking a large amount of JV Money for their high-profile project. This person exhibited readiness, willingness, financial preparedness and an urgency to get the deal done quickly.  I was impressed by their follow through. They were on top of it all the time…that is to say…until mid-deal. Suddenly, and after I secured a commitment for a large amount of capital beyond what they thought possible, he went dark. Zero communication—via any mode of contact. I was worried about him. I thought for sure he must have had an accident of some kind. So, there I am, money in hand, and I’m out in nowhere land. It was hard to believe that after all the time, energy and expense he put into the deal, he would just vanish. But, that’s what happened. Months later, I get a phone call asking if the deal was still on the table. My answer: NO. Shortly thereafter, a colleague of mine told me he had experienced the same thing with this entrepreneur. Word got out. Nobody will touch him now.