Remember Tom Cruise yelling “show me the money!” in the movie Jerry Maguire?

How could we forget. Tom Cruise as the uber slick and successful sports agent who one day at work has a aha moment and realizes he’s become just another shark in a suit who had let go of all the reasons why he’d become an agent in the 1st place. He reveals his feelings to his company in a company wide memo which promptly gets him fired. All his clients, with the exception of one player, immediately disassociate themselves from him. Suddenly, he’s flying solo in starting his newco with only one client and is desperate to make it a success. He took a bold leap of faith and what he learned in the process earned him riches not just financially, but in all areas of his life.

The movie is chuck full of take away wisdom for every person who wants to become successful or already is successful and wants to stay that way. It showcases key significant behaviors of what I call the “born to be a success” brand of person. As a 30 yr plus entrepreneur who is either being solicited for new biz opportunities or soliciting for new hires, I bear personal witness to the truth that only 1% of people actually exhibit the key success behaviors. I’d like to help move that number much higher.

OK, so how does this all relate to “SHOW ME THE MONEY” movie reference.

Here it is…Tom Cruise started out by just muttering the words that his only client wanted to hear him say. SHOW ME THE MONEY. They were just empty words to him. But, his client kept pushing him to dig deep and feel the passion in himself. He was moved beyond fear and into purpose.

We all have the ability to accomplish what Jerry Maguire did. But, you gotta REALLY wanna!

Here are the Top Eight behaviors of highly successful people:

  1. Does not let any person or situation stop them from achieving their goal(s)
  2. Understands that being “shown the money” comes only after proving themselves as reliable, consistent, trustworthy and able to add value to a relationship. Are generous with investing time, energy and money towards earning business, customer loyalty and retention
  3. Always puts values before profit. They understand if they lose themselves, they risk losing everything (in all areas of their life)
  4. Stays hungry for success regardless of how much success they may have already achieved. Never takes success or their relationships for granted
  5. Does not tender BS or make false promises. Says what they mean and does what they say
  6. Takes consistent initiative to deliver results beyond what is expected. Goes the extra mile
  7. Has a contagious enthusiasm and engaging personality. It’s proven that if someone isn’t excited about what they do–then you can expect results that reflect that lack of enthusiasm

And, last but not least, the biggest trait of a “born to be a success” brand of person is this…drum roll please…..


Virtually every week I am astonished at how many people do not show up for or follow through on opportunities that they themselves put into motion. At the end of the day: NO SHOW UP – never ever going to be SHOWN THE MONEY.

In conclusion, my shocking confession. I once had a very lucrative wall street opportunity that I almost blew because I didn’t want to do what was requested in order to earn the privilege of a 1st meeting with the client. You see, the client didn’t want to provide any information to me at all unless I was willing to jump on a plane and fly out of state to meet in person. I was told that if I sent them confirmation of my plane reservations, that while I was mid-air over to them, they’d email me all the data that I had requested so I’d have it before I landed. My first unspoken thought was…uggh..#@!#, I think you can guess. Then I got a hold of myself, took the risk and made the reservations. The result was a great relationship and being awarded a signed contract.

Are you showing up for success?