Attaining Success isn’t a result of random selection or luck.  Success is a result of deliberate, persistent and consistent action on a set of causal variables which enable a positive outcome.

In the business world people are always asking “Do you have a written business plan?” As if having a “plan” is the predictor of your ability to succeed in achieving your desired outcome.  Now, I’m bullish on writing business plans, but not for the “predictor of success” rationale. Writing a business plan (for yourself) gives you clarity and direction; but what it doesn’t give you is the ability to transform yourself into a master maker of success. No material thing can achieve that for you. Only you can make that magic happen.

The first predictor of your success is your commitment to making the necessary changes, modifications, additions and deletions of what needs to be shifted in and around you enabling you to live by a standard set of success indicators to predictably achieve the success you desire.

Using the below Set of Success Indicators will reliably predict your future success:

  1. Sees their biggest competition as themselves. Strives to continually set the bar higher and to consistently advance themselves forward.
  2. Perceives competition as motivation. Is not intimidated by competition and views others’ success as inspiration of what is possible to attain and exceed.
  3. Regularly takes themselves out of their comfort zone. In spite of any fear, pushes to try new things and get out there in new and bold ways.
  4. Ability to manage their feelings. Doesn’t deny their feelings, but doesn’t allow them to negatively impact their decision making, behavior and ability to keep moving forward towards their goal.
  5. Likes a challenge. Is invigorated and excited when given a challenge or when someone says “it can’t be done”.
  6. Doesn’t allow themselves to become bored. Understands that boredom is a signal from the brain that it’s time to get something new going.
  7. Exerts mind control. Consistently focuses on the positive and how to capitalize on it to build new strategies to achieve their outcomes.
  8. Depends on faith rather than friends. Understands the most consistent, reliable source of strength and support comes from drawing upon the energy of their faith rather than other human beings.

Interesting that the #8 is the symbol of infinity. If you decide to apply and allow these Eight Success Indicators to guide you on your path to success, your future success is predicted and you will achieve infinite and everlasting success.

In closing my shocking confession: I was a young newbie entrepreneur, who badly wanted to succeed. I spent a tremendous amount of time analyzing the market, competition, funding sources, wrote a brilliant business plan and sourced powerful and potent joint venture partners.  But, then, I hit a hard wall when I discovered something about myself. I was in my own way! I realized that I had a fear of opening myself up to others. I tended to stay a short distance away, somewhat detached and non-committal. I had to face the truth of my fear of letting people get close to me. I knew that if I continued to keep people at a distance, that I would keep success at a distance too. I literally began to push myself to open up and put myself out there in bigger ways…I began public speaking, going to more social events, joining more groups, inviting and encouraging new relationships. Slowly, I began to comfortably and habitually let people in. It literally changed my life. It positively transformed me, my relationships, my life and became a key predictor of the future success I was able to achieve.

What existing condition within yourself needs to be shifted to positively predict your future success?