One-On-One Sessions *

8dfc08af-6766-493c-a63e-40e12465a17c_lAll of us at one time or another, are faced with a real-time situation that we know we must take Immediate Action on or could lose something that we hold dear or very badly want.  Or, we finally hit the wall and realize we just can’t wait any longer for things to magically “work themselves out”.

But, we don’t know…

1. What is the right Decision to make?

2. Which Action should I take and when?

We do know — Action needs to be taken NOW and we need IMMEDIATE HELP and RAPID RESULTS.

And, often we don’t have access to that ONE PERSON whom we can TRUST who has the experience to problem solve at the level of complexity, excellence and rate of speed that we need.

If this describes you, then ONE-ON-ONE with Linda is ideal for you.

Here’s just some of what you can count on getting:

  • RAPID FIRE ANSWERS & SOLUTIONS – Often in 1st session.
  • INSTANT RESULTS You know exactly what you want, but need clarity & direction on how to specifically achieve it.
  • SPECIFIC ACTIONS TO TAKE – When to take them and what to say.
  • NON JUDGMENTAL SAFE ZONE – To Free yourself of what you’ve secretly been holding onto (believe me, Linda has conquered her own “isms” and has heard and helped with every type of “ism” there is).
  • HIGH-LEVEL BRAINSTORMING – Problem solve with another thought Leader. As a leader, you don’t have anyone you can safely go to—you’re everyone else’s pillar of strength. You need a strong shoulder you can rely on.
  • UNLIMITED EMAIL-SUPPORTTo receive the answers you want when you want it. No waiting between sessions to get the support you may need on any given day.

Take Time Out for Yourself – For a Change…

Let’s get started!

*Success Packaging Programs Include:

  • 90 Day Membership
  • Weekly (60 min.) Live Toll Free Sessions
  • Individual Email Support with Linda Zander

*All Live Sessions Are Via Telephone