Each and every one of us is a natural born salesperson.  I know, you’re thinking “EWH! I’m not a salesperson!”. But, TRUST me on this; you are. Furthermore, it is a really good thing that you are.

A salesperson is merely someone who uses their powers of persuasion to influence others to TRUST them enough to listen to them in order to persuade them to do what they want them to do.  Can you name any position in life that doesn’t require this skill in order to succeed at what you’re trying to accomplish?

Regardless of your “position” in life, whether it be a parent, sibling, artist, chef, life partner or any other non-salesperson by trade related position, or if you are a salesperson by profession, you’ll need to maximize your innate ability to positively motivate people to take action on what you deem necessary for them to do to produce the successful outcomes collectively desired.  And, if you don’t, the axiom “use it or lose it” may end up being your outcome in the area of life that you wish to succeed.

The term “salesperson” has been given a really bad rap, which is unfortunate because the negative connotation prevents people from understanding and harnessing their own power of persuasion which is so necessary for them to achieve a successful life. It is true that some abuse their power of persuasion with intentions to benefit only self and to cause harm rather than good and mutual benefit. That’s not a salesperson; that’s a con.  Those who use deception in their attempt to persuade, are guaranteed failure. It’s an inescapable fact.

Yet, those who consciously chose to utilize their powers of persuasion for the highest positive outcome for all parties are guaranteed success. A true salesperson is one who will succeed not once, not twice, but perpetually. A true salesperson knows that there is only one master key that opens the door to everlasting success.  And, that key is integrity.

The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity. —ZIG ZIGLAR

A rigorous adherence to integrity, in any and all circumstances, is what builds trust. And, as every salesperson and leader knows, trust is what builds confidence, wins friends, influences people, produces loyalty, builds successful teams, partnerships, and relationships.

Get started on maximizing your persuasive powers for the attainment of everlasting success for yourself, your clients, friends, family and the world by using the below:


1. “T” Truth. Use no deception ever.

2. “R” Reliability. Do what you say you will and show up as promised.

3. “U” Understanding. Seek to fully comprehend the goals, objectives and needs of those you are serving. Communicate with caring, concern and compassion.

4. “S” Service. Service to others is 1st priority always. The caveat is as long as putting service to others 1st doesn’t compromise your integrity, values or truth.

5. “T” Tenacity. Determination and not termination is a choice. Don’t quit before the miracle happens.

Use the below strategy to begin embracing your inner salesperson for a successful life:

“Today I make a commitment to be honest with myself. By facing reality, I become someone I can depend upon.” Courage to Change

In closing my shocking confession:  I always prided myself on being truthful, trustworthy and reliable. Everyone knew they could count on me…until the time when I STOPPED being that person. It happened in a blink of an eye. I didn’t realize how far I had slipped until it was too late. I wasn’t showing up or doing what I promised. Something had robbed me of my true inner self and I was misplacing my persuasive powers. I had become addicted to cocaine. What started out as recreational use became a bad habit. Thank God I got honest with myself and sought help before any real harm was done. I am now clean 28 yrs. The blessing is I got to see firsthand how even the strongest person can be taken over by indulging “just this one time” in any behavior that isn’t healthy. I’ve been relentless in rebuilding trust. And, anyone who knows me, knows they 100% can count on me.