I totally thought I rocked it on my 1st sales call as a commercial real estate agent! I was so freaking happy with myself and apparently the owners of the real estate were happy with me too, because they were all smiles and hugs as I left them that day.

I confidently strode back into the office and was eager to tell my manager the success that I had achieved. Well, contrary to the accolades I envisioned would be coming my way, I received instead a “What the heck were you thinking! That’s not how you do it. If you continue to work that way, you will never succeed in this business!”. She proceeded to tell me what I had done was “wrong”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I had to go get a reality check from a 3rd party to assess if what my manager was saying was the truth and I was doomed to fail because of what I had done. Lo and behold, the 3rd party opinion confirmed my managers belief. Shocked beyond my own belief, I had to take a time out to assess if I should continue on as a real estate agent…

What they told me, was that I was “too honest” to ever become financially successful. Maybe real estate wasn’t the right path for me. When I was younger, I had never dreamed of becoming a millionaire. I had dreamed of becoming a missionary. Here I was, now a young adult, still longing to help people, but also wanting to support myself while being of service. Could it be done? Could I successfully achieve putting being of service to people before profit and still profit financially? I made a decision, right then and there, that I was going to die hard trying!

The million dollar question is what the heck did I tell those owners that day that caused this whole conundrum in the 1st place? I told them not to sell their building. Instead, I gave them a 1 yr financial plan to significantly increase the value of their building that would set them up for retirement. I told them to give me a call in a year if they still wanted to sell. Everyone thought I was crazy to turn down a slam dunk listing and commission. Everyone thought I was going to fail. Everyone watched me walk back in that office after my time-out and they rolled their eyes. I had a reputation now. The girl who would never succeed. I went on to become the top sales agent in my firm in the fastest time frame in the history of that office. Did I stop being honest to achieve that success? HELL NO! I was determined to stick to my path and principles no matter what and have the faith that what ever came as a result of being true to myself was meant to be.

Hello, my name is Linda, and I am a self-made millionaire. If I could do it, you can too! I had zero advantages when I started out. Just a unrelenting determination and drive to help others succeed regardless of what “job” I chose to be in.

I never decided to become a millionaire. I decided to become a person of value. The belief that you can’t be both a spiritual being and a wealthy person is a total myth. I am living proof, and I have watched others achieve riches in all areas of their lives by putting values before profit.

Here are the Six Success Principles that I stuck to, no matter what came my way, that made me both spiritually and financially rich:

1. Keep in close contact with a Higher Power to maintain faith & avoid slipping into financial fear that leads to poor decision making.

2. Make helping others achieve their goal your #1 priority above your own self-interest to make money.

3. Remind yourself every morning that a successful day is one that when you put your head on your pillow at night, you can honestly say, “I haven’t harmed myself or another person today”.

4. Have a concrete Master Goal and know what it means to you both spiritually and materially. Ask yourself: Does this goal represent the totality of the truth of who I am on all levels of my being?.

5. Always remember that no financial gain is worth losing yourself over. There is no greater loss than what comes as a result of losing ones self.

6. Put the highest value on people rather than things.

Believe it and you can achieve it! Become a person of value and you will become very rich indeed!

In Closing, my shocking confession: I was a few weeks away from collecting the largest commission of my career–$1Million dollars was soon to be deposited in my bank account when BAM, I discovered the sellers had cooked the books! I went to my client and advised them to get out quick. Cancel the deal. It was messy. I lost a big fee. But, what I gained in return going forward was 10x more valuable to me. In the long run, I even gained financially as a result of this decision. More on that story later…