What do most of us think of when we decide we want a new client, new job, romantic partner, business partner, a raise, promotion, market share, funding, to become a known brand, or even to get accepted into a private club or school? Our mind begins to race in developing a plan to woo and wow, wine and dine, put on our best “game face” and/or produce a brilliant “dog and pony show”.

We may believe the above is how to go about the business of romancing success (because that’s what we’ve been conditioned to believe), but it isn’t. It isn’t about putting on a show to present an image we believe the other party wants to see. It’s quite the opposite.

Romancing success starts from within. It’s an inside job. Not an outside job. It’s the internal condition of a person that catalyzes or neutralizes external success. Great internal conditioning equals great external success. It’s really that simple.

Society bombards us with external stimuli and messaging that tells us that we need to buy this or that in order to remake ourselves into an acceptable image before we can become successful. It just isn’t true. These are Band-Aids that hide what’s underneath—the Band-Aid doesn’t reveal what’s hidden.

The really, really good news is that Romancing Success from the inside out doesn’t require you to buy anything, go through years of therapy, or for you to be or do anything that doesn’t support the beautiful truth of who you are.  You can be and do you–the real you–and achieve maximum success!

To achieve great internal conditioning for the attainment of maximum success, begin romancing success today. Take the oath to live by the Four Agreement Advantage:

  1. Thou shalt not seek to buy or do more, but to become more. Ask yourself: How can I improve myself? It can be as simple as practicing positive thinking and speaking each day.
  2. Thou shalt not lower your standards to get something. If any person or situation requires you to lower your standards, compromise your values or represent yourself as someone you are not—then walk away. It isn’t meant for you and won’t bring you the success you are seeking. It will only delay you on your road to success.
  3. Thou shalt be true. A daily devotion to being loyal, truthful, trustworthy and acting in accordance with true facts and reality. Being false to yourself or to others is a surefire way to fail, rather than succeed. The long term consequences are not worth the instant gratification of using falsity to “get out of a sticky situation” or “doing what I did to get ahead and I’ll worry about it later.”
  4. Thou shalt practice your faith daily. Don’t delay in choosing a benevolent supreme power source that resonates with your beliefs. Touch base with it daily. The power of faith provides the power to persist and persevere.


Success manifests inside before it can manifest outside. The higher you ascend interiorly, in body, mind and spirit, the higher you ascend in external success.

In closing my shocking confession: As young as I can recall, I wanted to be and feel successful. Everyone told me, without a college degree or some other kind of pedigree, I wouldn’t be able to attract the kinds of jobs, clients, or partners that would allow me to “make it” in the real world. I listened to all these “experts” and began my quest to accumulate as many types of professional accreditations, degrees, awards and trophies…. all to show everyone, and prove to myself, that I was indeed a success.  The only problem was that in spite of the “trophies”, I DID NOT feel successful at all. One day, I looked up at all that “stuff” I had on display and realized, I had to stop showing and start becoming. I pulled everything off the wall and shelves, shoved them in a big box, and carted it out and put it in deep storage. No more Band-Aids. I wanted to heal and reveal myself from the inside out. The day I put all the external stuff out of sight marked the beginning of my journey to interior wellness. A short time after beginning to romance interior success, I felt a happiness I hadn’t experienced ever before and external success began to flow into my life.