Super Sized Success is attained and sustained by those who possess specific character qualities. It’s been proven, time and time again, that focusing on becoming more rather than having more, is critical to the achievement of optimal wealth and well-being. Essentially, becoming what I call “inside rich” is the key to becoming ultra-successful.

What’s so awesome about having a primary goal of becoming “inside rich” is that virtually anyone can achieve it. There is zero external barrier to attaining it. You do not need an education, money or even a business to become inside rich. All you need is one character quality to achieve it. That virtue is HUMILITY.

Contrary to the belief that humility renders a person powerless, it infuses one with great physical and mental strength, instilling an ability to persevere and succeed amidst challenges, obstacles and opposition. Humility is the ultimate shield of self-protection. Without it’s shelter, it leaves one vulnerable to failure.

“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” Mathew 23:12

Humility is an insurance policy protecting one’s very important personal assets to success: inner peace, mental, physical, spiritual and financial well-being. Without protecting these invaluable assets, one’s pride and ego step in to overrun the show. Ego run riot causes it to rain ruin rather than reign success.

Our greatest opportunity for success lies in living a humble life free from false pride and pretense. Mere words cannot express the sheer magnitude of the important role that humility plays in achieving and sustaining success.

Here Are the Top Ten Ways to Become Humbly and Hugely Successful:

1. Do not seek attention or admiration

2. Do not be concerned what others think of you. Only care what your higher power thinks of you

3. Fight off all forms of pride

4. Do not fear criticism. Use it to your advantage to correct personal faults or flaws

5. Do not compare yourself to others

6. Be impressed only by your servant leadership ability and ability to stay humble

7. Refuse to fight over unimportant matters

8. Remember, silence often carries more power than words

9. Seek not to judge, but to understand

10. See commonalities and not differences

By thinking, walking and talking humility in all your affairs, you will be gracefully guided to greater self-awareness, personal development, creativity, compassion, intuitive intelligence, and a positive mental attitude; making you “inside rich” for the attainment of Super Sized Success.

In Closing My Shocking Confession: I was having a rough week where nothing seemed to be getting done well enough or fast enough. I started to compare my accomplishments with others who have gone before me…I was getting moody and irritable…thinking I would never achieve the degree of positive impact that I aspired to. I caught myself real quick and went to meditate to self-correct my stinking thinking. I asked one question before commencing meditation: What would you have me do differently? I set the timer for 30 min and went deep. When the timer chimed, I had a very clear cut and concise answer: “Do not care about the impact you will have. Care only about doing the work. Caring about impact is the ego. Caring only about doing the work is the divine.” Wow! Blew me away! I hope it does you too.