There’s a big elephant in the middle of the room and nobody wants to shout out its existence.  And, it’s been sitting there for a very long time.  It’s about time that someone calls out the elephant in the room so that what’s being hidden can be revealed. The big shocking secret hiding behind the elephant is this: There is a short-cut to success!

Nobody dares to say it because to say it means taking a “contrarian” position to what’s been spoon fed to us forever. The often heard phrase “there are no shortcuts to any destination worth going to” is a phrase frankly, that I believe is the kind of negative messaging that dissuades people from getting started on the path to success in the first place.

Think of all the inventions during our lifetime, let alone throughout history that never would have been invented to improve the quality of our lives if the inventor had believed that short-cuts weren’t possible or positive.  The list is quite extensive of how “short-cuts” were invented to save us time getting/receiving messages, and getting ourselves, and goods and services, much faster to destinations we desire. And, getting us to our desired destination much faster means we have more time available to do and become more.

Short-cuts do exist and they do provide powerful and positive results.  But, hold on. There are a few really big caveats to making sure that the “short cut” you take is indeed a short-cut to success and not a short-cut to failure.

Here are the Five Factors to a Successful Short-Cut to Success:

  1. Never compromise your integrity. Letting go of your integrity for “gain” is a sure-fire short-cut to failure and not to success. Conversely, rigorously adhering to your integrity provides a direct and quickened path to success.
  2. Understand why you want what you are striving to attain. Many people have a goal and don’t even know why they want it. The “why” is not the material thing itself. The material thing is merely symbolic for an internal need we are trying to fulfil. Ask yourself: “what non-material positive attribute will X provide me?” If one doesn’t fully understand the need they yearn to fulfill, they will embark upon a long winding road to get it and once there, end up not being happy and fulfilled.
  3. Make promises and over-deliver. The “under promise and over deliver” credo is not a recipe for success, much less a short cut to it. Make realistic promises because they promote action and drive you to have to deliver. Not making promises or under promising is having a commitment averse mind-set which is not a character trait of the ultra-successful. Leaving yourself “wiggle room” causes delays to achieving the success you desire.
  4. Take bold calculated risks. Short-cuts to success occur when you are fearless in taking calculated risks. No risk no reward. Playing it safe and not stretching yourself outside your comfort zone may get you to your ultimate destination, but it is definitely the long road to it.
  5. Think and do big daily. A thought requires energy. And, as we all know, our thoughts direct our actions and become our destiny. Use your energy to provide you with the biggest results. Think big. Thinking big leads to taking big action. Take at least 1 big action step per day and you’ll be amazed how quickly you will achieve the success you desire. Non-action is stagnation and delays success.

Short-cuts are good. Short-cuts get us to our destination sooner than later. What’s bad about that? Help debunk the great myth that short-cuts to success don’t exist. Embark on yours today using the above Five Factors.

In closing my shocking confession: I was a brand new real estate licensee, barely wet behind the ears. I was told that I had to only sell one product type and only sell it within one territory. The “experts” said it was the only way to be successful and be recognized as an expert. They said to do otherwise would mean failure and make me a laughing-stock. Well, being a true contrarian at heart, of course I didn’t listen. I decided to sell two types of products internationally. I acted on that decision immediately by advertising as such and by promising to deliver certain services that nobody else was offering. What initially happened? I was laughed at by my peers. What happened immediately after that? I, in record breaking time, began to represent world-class clients and properties worldwide. I became a self-made millionaire.