Did you know that attaining your goals could actually result in failure?

This is the shocking truth about goals that isn’t being talked about. And, yet, here I am daring to write you about it. Why? Because it is a truth you gotta hear ..that is assuming you want to know how to become happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. I.E. If you want to become a true success and want to avoid permanent failure…

There is a vast array of information out there on Goals. Why you must have them, what you should do to achieve them, how to make a plan for achieving them and why you are failing to achieving them. But, the shocking untold truth about goals is this: Attaining them may actually result in failure! WTF! How can that be possible. Work your behind off to become the greatest at whatever it is you dream of-actually achieve it-and then BAM you fall flat on your failure face. Not good and not pretty.

You see, creating goals and achieving goals that do not embody the truth of your own personal values (a person’s sense of right and wrong), will not and cannot endure over time. And, if the goal is about so strongly desiring an object or the “celebrity” that it may bring, more than valuing and honoring your values, you will be tempted to indulge in negative behaviors that will ultimately bring you failure rather than the success you were seeking.

So, rather than spending all your time and energy on setting and attaining goals that could ultimately fail you, focus your energy first and foremost on getting crystal clear on what your values are. Doing this will lay a firm foundation and fertile ground for you to become a bigger success than you could possibly ever imagine. Knowing and living your values, no matter what the temptation to do otherwise, is THE imperative to becoming a everlasting Super Sized Success.

The power to actualize true eternal success or ultimate failure is solely in your own hands. Nobody has that power over you. The Choice is yours and every decision you make counts.

Here are the Three basic rules of How to Attain Goals that result in everlasting success:

1. Do clarify and write down your core values

2. Do only set goals that once attained will represent the whole truth of your values

3. Do Not desire to attain any created thing that would drive a wedge between you, your true self and God

Here is a great quote to live by: “Let nothing appear great; nothing valuable or admirable; nothing worthy of esteem, nothing high, nothing truly praiseworthy or desirable, but what is eternal.” Thomas a’ Kempis

In closing, my shocking confession on this topic. I spent the 1st two and half decades of my life setting and attaining goals–winning one award after the other-and never feeling good enough, happy, joyous, free, successful, lovable or in touch with a higher power. Then the miracle happened..I finally came home…to myself that is. And, once I reclaimed myself–I was able to let go of the false pride, ego and bad habits that allowed me to create and attain the kind of goals that fulfill and last.