You know you want success real bad. You want financial freedom and the lifestyle and peace of mind that comes along with it. But, here’s the rub…there’s a huge divide between WANTING and DOING. The decision to DO or to merely DESIRE is the difference between actually achieving the life of your dreams or just idly standing by hoping it will magically happen all on its own.

Most of us have heard of or even tried Law of Attraction techniques or read books like The Secret which suggest that if you visualize what you want it will manifest into reality. Well, I hate to burst your bubble of belief in something that just plain isn’t the truth. Yes, visualization and Law of Attraction practices can add value to your journey to success, but no amount of conjuring up desire in whatever format will ever take the place of acting on that desire. Plain and simple: Your success or failure in achieving your dream life or goals will require you to DO and to DO A LOT and CONSISTENTLY. That’s the honest to God Truth. The other big truth is this – you can have it all. Each and every one of us can achieve the life of our dreams. There are no limits to what you can achieve if you dream it, believe it and then go out and do what you have to do to get it. No big mystery. No big secret. The keys to the kingdom of success is one simple strategy: take consistent action no matter what.

Here are the 10 Deadly Signs you are not on a path to success as a result of not taking the positive action you need to achieve the success that you dream of having:

1. Bored with your life

2. Lonely most of the time

3. Angry and can’t seem to get over it

4. Waiting for something good to happen to you

5. Exhausted for no good reason

6. Have way too much free time on your hands

7. Wishing for the right partner to come along to make your life better

8. Hate going to work each day

9. Do not wake up happy with a smile on your face

10. Regularly indulging in a bad habit even though you know it’s causing harm

You only have one life to live so spend it wisely by using your energy proactively to achieve the life you truly want for yourself. You can chose to either be a victim of life events or a victor over life events by taking consistent action to move you forward in the direction of attaining success for yourself.

If you find you can identify with some or all of the 9 deadly signs, then it’s time for you to make a change by getting into positive action. Remember, what you are currently consistently doing is a reflection of where you will find yourself in ten years from now. Are you happy with that visualization? If not, do things differently to achieve a different result. Say “I DO” to Success and go out there and get it!

In closing, my shocking confession: It was the 80’s and cocaine was the white collar drug of choice. So many people around me were regularly using cocaine. I resisted it for a while before I decided it couldn’t hurt to go along with the “in” crowd. I got sober for once and for all in 1989. The habit that I indulged in took nearly 10 years to kick. Once I did, the magic and miracles of true success began to flow into my life. Addiction of any kind takes over one’s life and any action taken is 1st and foremost centered around drug seeking or using behavior. There is no room for success to occupy one’s life. Any bad habit is like an addiction. It takes over your life and makes it impossible to achieve and/or sustain success. If you are struggling with any bad habit, be determined to quit. Seek help and don’t give up until you achieve the success that you desire.