Everyone has a dream. And, most people believe they need lots and lots of money to make their dream become a reality. This belief is what I call the “Money Woes Me Mindset”.  Money is indeed a mindset.

Here’s a quick n’ easy money mindset test for you to gauge your current money mindset. You can do this in a blink of an eye and nobody is around to bear witness to the results. The results will give you clarity where your money mind set is at.

Step 1: Visualize the biggest goal you desire to achieve—see it in picture perfect detail.

Step 2:  Now ask yourself “What’s it going to take to attain it?”

What was your answer? Did it have anything to do with money?

Or did it have to do with your own efforts?  Your answer will give you a perspective on if you’re in the Money Woes or Money Wins position.

The Money Wins Mindset isn’t what you may think it is. It isn’t about mastering positive thinking so that you’ll succeed at winning windfalls of money. The Money Wins Mindset is: “My Message Masters Money and My Success is achieved, not based upon how much or how little money I have, but by knowing, living, and speaking the truth and conviction of My own personal message”. 

To convert Money Woes to Money Wins, and adopt a Money Wins Belief System, follow these steps:

1. Have A Clear and Present Vision of Success. Have you checked in with yourself lately to create or update your vision of success? Often, over the course of time, one’s vision of success may change. Be sure to be clear on what your current vision is and why you may have updated it. What’s your new vision board look like?

2. Know Your Message. What specifically is it? Why is it important to you and others?

3. Marry Your Message to Your Values. To succeed at attaining your dream, your message must be consistent with your core values. What are your core values? If a conflict exists between them, then success, especially sustainable success, is not going to occur.

4. Move Your Mission Forward Daily. Understand that “Mission” is a verb. Your mission is to act on and exemplify all the above daily. A mission statement without application has no utility or ability to achieve success.

5. Never Give Up on Your Message. Life is about both successes and set-backs. A Successful Person is one who does not allow themselves to give up on their Vision. They are the ones still standing and speaking out their message to the world, no matter what.

Live, eat, breathe your message and not money! And, become directed, rather than directionless, and watch as maximum riches flood into every aspect of your life and the lives of others.

In Closing My Shocking Confession: I’m a journal writer and I have journals going back to the 1980’s (when I was 2 yrs old LOL). My entry notes and prayers were …”Dear God, make the following deals go through and let them bring in $ X amount of money.” Looking back, the vast majority did not go through and I struggled financially.  Fast forward, 1990. I experienced a spiritual awakening that resulted in a mind shift. My mind moved away from poverty consciousness, money fears and moved to focusing and acting on messages received through consciously connecting with a higher power. I began to focus on making my thoughts, words, and actions be reflective of and directed by these divine messages.  I journaled, “Dear God, direct me in your will and way for me for the highest good of all concerned, amen.” I began to experience a new peace, passion and prosperity. I became directed, rather than directionless.