15 Tips For Sales Success

15 Tips For Sales Success

Business is always changing and evolving. While that brings many challenges it also creates opportunities for sales success.

Salespeople need to stay on the cutting edge and keep their knowledge of best practices and strategies current.

I was asked, along with other members of the Forbes Coaches Council, for advice on staying relevant and finding success in sales. Our tips for sales success are wide-ranging, from the use of technology to managing relationships. You can read the full article at Forbes.com.

Among the important topics discussed:

  • Relationships, including understanding human behavior, focusing on relationships and developing trust
  • Communication, including how to make it more personal, how to practice active listening and tailor your approach
  • Technology, and how we use it in the sales process
  • Creating value, including knowing what your customer wants and needs

You’ll find valuable advice on these topics for both new and experienced entrepreneurs to become and stay relevant in a changing landscape.

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14 Things You Should Never Say In A Job Interview

14 Things You Should Never Say In A Job Interview

Whether you’re new to the job market or a pro looking for a new opportunity, a job interview can be intimidating.

We all want to make a good impression and meet the potential employer’s expectations during that interview. And the last thing we want is to say or do something that ruins our chances of getting the job.

I, along with other members of the Forbes Coaches Council Expert Panel, were asked for our top tips to help you avoid slip-ups in your next job interview. Don’t invite the interviewer to look for reasons NOT to hire you by making any of these mistakes.

From how to talk about your skills and experience, your past work, your weaknesses and more, here are 14 things you should never say in a job interview.

Read the full article on Forbes.com

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