ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self-Made Millionaire: Overcoming Fear: 10 Ways To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self-Made Millionaire: Overcoming Fear: 10 Ways To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

You need to give a speech, but crowds terrify you. You know it’s time for a raise, but you don’t know how to work up the nerve to approach your boss. The work you’re doing now no longer satisfies, but finding something new is frightening. What if you don’t succeed?

Fear is a valuable thing. It keeps people safe and encourages caution when caution is due. But it’s also a limiting thing: Not everything you’re afraid of deserves fear or caution. And sometimes, moments of bravery are what are needed to make your life better.

So how do you step past the fear? The mental trick I use for overcoming fear is to do the research on what it is you want to do. If you want to skydive, research the topic and the best skydive schools around. Also, get out and watch and talk to others who are doing what you aspire to accomplish. Research breeds knowledge, and knowledge breeds confidence.

I, along with 9 other Forbes Coaches answered this question. Go to the full Forbes article to read all the inspiring answers.

“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.” ~Henry Ford

ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self-Made Millionaire: Take the Daily Success Litmus Test

ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self-Made Millionaire: Take the Daily Success Litmus Test

You work hard every day to achieve your goals, but you worry if what you’re doing is going to work out. Why? Because you can’t see any tangible results while amid all the effort you’re putting out. You are not alone! We all face this very common concern.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way to gauge if what you’re doing each day is working towards the attainment of your goals and the achievement of the successful life that you desire?  Guess what? There is a way!

I’ve learned through decades of being a serial entrepreneur that if you rigorously discipline yourself to do Six specific things daily, you’ll be assured to attain the success that you are working so very hard to achieve, regardless if you’re seeing tangible results on any given day.

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want most.”— Abraham Lincoln

Below is the Daily Six Point Checklist. By doing them each day, will lead you to the success you want tomorrow.

1. Focused Mind Control: Directing your thoughts only on what you want and not on what you don’t want or on what doesn’t require your attention. Staying focused by not allowing distractions.

2. Impulse Control: Delaying gratification by using self-discipline not to take immediate action on inconsequential things that interrupt your work flow or do not directly benefit the advancement of your goals.

3. Emotional Control: Making decisions and taking actions only when in a rational, calm and balanced state of mind. Act don’t react.

4. Rational Analysis: Performing objective fact finding and using rational, logical thinking when making decisions. Keeping emotions out of the process.

5. Minimalism: Keeping it simple by not engaging in or pursuing non-essentials (any person, behavior or thing that does not support the advancement of your goal).

6. Compassion Action: Not engaging in anything that hurts yourself or another human being.

At the end of the day, each one of us has within us the power of personal choice to do the things that serve to advance us or distance us from the success that we wish to achieve.

In Closing My Shocking Confession: I was young and wanted it all! I didn’t mind working really, really hard to get it. The 12 hour days to get ahead was no-problem for me. I was killing it at work putting in the hours, effort and also helping others to get ahead too. But, why then, I was wondering to myself, was I not any closer to my ultimate goal? The answer didn’t come in a soft and gentle way. It was one of those hard lessons. I hit bottom on all the overdoing…especially over doing the one thing I was keeping secret. The cocaine. I justified it because it helped me work the long hours. I justified it in 100 ways. Until that one day when I realized I no longer controlled it, but it controlled me. I was hurting my own self and hurting those around me as well by not really “being all there”.  I got and stayed sober and learned a very important life lesson that I carry with me each and every day. A successful day is one in which, when you put your head on the pillow at night, you can honestly say that you haven’t hurt yourself or another person that day.

ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self-Made Millionaire: Express Success

ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self-Made Millionaire: Express Success

We live in an era of express everything. Mail, shopping, movies, check-out, check in, food, coffee…give it to me quick, quick, quick. The world is moving at a faster and faster pace. Attaining anything that one wants keeps getting faster and easier. However, for most people, there is that one elusive thing that they badly want more quickly, but they can’t seem to attain fast enough. That one thing is SUCCESS.

I’m here to share a little-known secret how you can achieve express success. If you use this one simple tool, you will see magic, miracles and success begin to flow quickly into your life.

The secret to express success is in using your life as a platform for the expression of your Master Goal. Yes, I know, blah, blah, blah. You’re thinking…. “here we go another generic goal setting blog blurb”. But, hold on. It isn’t that kinda thing. This is the singular thing that the ultra-successful used to see their inventions, grace -inspired visions, and dreams become reality. Mark Zuckerberg’s Master Goal was to “make the world more open and create open information flow for people”.

And, the Master Goal principle is that thing which I, myself, used to achieve the life of my dreams.

“A burning desire that possesses your heart and mind so completely that it literally goads you into achieving.” Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Answer These 6 Questions to Discover Your Master Goal and Start Expressing Your Success:

1. The #1 thing in life that continually excites me the most is:

2. If I could instantly become or achieve anything I wanted, it would be this:

3. The single most important thing that I can accomplish during my lifetime is:

4. The most important thing in life is to become:

5. The one intangible thing that my mind involuntarily, consistently and relentlessly thinks about achieving in my life is:

6. The one thing I’m always instinctually and involuntarily driven to do is:


Express success is achieved by those who have an unrelenting burning desire to fulfill their destiny. The way to uncover and unleash your destiny is to determine your Master Goal and then live your life as a platform for the expression of that goal.

In Closing My Shocking Confession: As a young teen, I didn’t know what I wanted to be “when I grew up”. I was stressed out about it because all my friends already knew! One wanted to be a doctor, another a dentist. I DID NOT KNOW. I thought something was wrong with me that I didn’t know where I was going. But, I did have one unrelenting drive: To read, study and learn about those people who had dedicated their lives to making a positive impact in the world. I thought about becoming a missionary. But, I knew I had to earn money to support myself. I decided that no matter what I did “for a living”, I’d make being of service my #1 priority. As a young adult, I held many jobs, but remained relentless about living out my Master Goal. Helping others achieve success reigned supreme over making a profit–no matter what. I became a self-made millionaire by 40 making it possible for me to devote 100% of my time helping people achieve mental, physical, financial and spiritual success.