ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self-Made Millionaire: Is Your Guide to Success a Woo Woo or a Who’s Who?

ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self-Made Millionaire: Is Your Guide to Success a Woo Woo or a Who’s Who?

Do you have a guide helping you to achieve the success that you desire? If you’ve answered no, then you’re most likely exhausting yourself of precious time and energy by attempting to attain something without affording yourself the concrete direction you need in order to achieve.

Whether you are just getting started on the road to success, have had some success and want more, or have achieved success and want to sustain it, you’ll need to have a guide. Not having a guide is subjecting yourself to all kinds of perils which can cause set-backs, delays and even failure.

One of the biggest benefits to having a guide is that it prevents you from falling into the “I’m too big to fail” syndrome. Going without a guide is the same as saying you have all the answers and don’t need anyone or anything else in order to succeed. It’s ego and self-will run riot. And, it doesn’t provide the humble mindset required to remain open minded ensuring you: positive positioning, competitive advantage and positive self-growth.

But, alas, all guides are not created equal. And, having too many guides creates stagnation, chaos and confusion.

Here Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Securing an Effective Guide to Propel You Forward to Attaining Success

1. DO start with learning how to tap into and following your own intuition. Your own intuition is the single best guide you will ever have and the one that will most effectively guide you to choosing the best mentors and role models for you.

2. Do select up to 2 guides maximum that share your values. Choose those who have already achieved what you want to attain, that you admire and respect as a human being, and are making a positive impact in the world.

3. Don’t have too many guru’s. Too many guru’s too little time.  Constantly jumping around from one guide to another or trying to follow too many at a time, keeps you stuck and says that you don’t have confidence in yourself or are avoiding applying what you’re learning.  Keeps you unfocused, scattered and non-productive.

4. Don’t go with a guide that lacks a spiritual component. The most effective guides are the ones who’ve achieved interior wealth. They embrace both the material and non-material aspects of self. A consistently evolving inner self assures a constantly growing exterior attainment of both wealth and well-being.

5. Don’t go with Woo Woo guides.
These are the types of guides that promise you that you’ll attain what you want by merely wishing it or affirming it into existence. Or that if you pay them, they’ll “make it happen for you” vis a vis some kind of magic. Don’t’ allow yourself to become a victim of this type of false hope.

6. Do go with the Who’s Who of Guides. Select the guides that have a documented lifetime of accomplishment through consistent hard work, effort and being of great service to others. They strive to make men and women and a better world to live in and not just money.

If I were your magic genie and could grant you the one person in the entire Universe to be your guide, who would it be?  Think deeply, trust your intuition, be selective, minimize to maximize –because if you scatter yourself everywhere, you’ll get nowhere.

In Closing, my shocking confession: I was facing a really big decision. I had to decide one of two ways to go. I was unclear and uncertain which direction to go. My friends urged me to get out of my head and outdoors for the day. We went walking and shopping on the boardwalk where every sort of vendor was peddling their wares. A sign jumped out at me: “Let me show you your destiny.” I jumped right in and was eager to have my destiny revealed to me. Now, don’t laugh. Ok, I know you will laugh, so go right ahead…This lovely woman asked me to come sit in a chair…so I did as she said. She bent down, made a magic sign and began to……drum roll please………. read my toes!!! I had a toe reading! I kid you not. I can laugh about it today, but on that day, I was all eager eyes and ears. No, nothing she said came true. I believe all of us have strong intuitive powers. I know I do. And, that’s exactly what I did after hearing her “read my destiny”. I checked it against my own gut intuition and realized exactly what I had to do. The results? Excellent in deed!