ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self Made Millionaire: You Wired for Wealth?

ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self Made Millionaire: You Wired for Wealth?

In my journey to becoming a self-made millionaire I learned many invaluable lessons along the way, but most importantly, I discovered that virtually anybody can become wired for wealth—and then achieve it– regardless of their circumstances. If you really desire, dream and are determined to become wealthy, you can. But, first you must become hard wired for wealth in order to achieve it.

Becoming hard wired for success is 100% achievable and it’s free, requires no special circumstances or education. However, it is absolutely necessary if you are going to attain, retain and sustain wealth. We’ve all heard stories of people who inherit wealth and lose it or who receive a windfall through whatever means such as the lottery and as fast as they get it lose it. Why? Because they weren’t wired for wealth.

What is wired for wealth? Wired for wealth is becoming inside rich first and foremost so that you’ve instilled the internal vigor, stamina, mind-set and habits that will provide you the core strength to become a master maker of riches. Without the internal wealth factor, the external wealth factor either won’t ever take root or if any wealth is created, is at risk of either temporary or permanent loss.

Here are the Six Key Strategies for getting Inside Rich and Wired for Wealth:

  1. Get and Stay Humble No Matter What. Humility is the major driver of keeping an open mind. It allows you to continue to learn and grow and prevents the ego from stepping in leading to bad decision making.
  2. Practice Patience Daily. Having patience and the ability to delay gratification requires great internal strength; the kind of strength you’ll need to become a builder of wealth. It allows you to wait for the right opportunity without panicking, act vs react, and maintain emotional control. No patience, no self-control or stamina to stay the course.
  3. Know Your Values. Your values are your personal short cut to success. They become your quick guide to decision making allowing you to cut through the clutter, avoid mistakes and losses. Write them down on a card and put them in your wallet. Losing sight of or knowingly neglecting your values to attain wealth—won’t net any positive outcomes.
  4. Know Not Just How Much You Want but Why. Without the why of wealth, the goal of it becomes vague, ambiguous and not attached to any plan. Defining the why of wealth– how you intend to use it, what service you intend to provide in return for receiving it and how you intend to give back in return for being graced with the wealth you will achieve sets you up to attract a wealth of opportunities to attain it.
  5. Align Thoughts, Words, Actions to Reflect Objective Truth. Lying to ourselves or others in thoughts and words leads to misdeeds. Deception is illusion and wealth cannot be built within a field of non-reality.
  6. Keep the Faith. Our biggest enemy is becoming immobilized by fear or irrationally overreacting to it. A conscious contact with a higher power dispels fear, illuminates the right next positive action step and provides the strength and courage to execute it. The desire to give up in times of struggle resides in all of us. Faith moves us beyond fear into fearlessness to act in ways that achieve extraordinary outcomes.

If you are ready and willing to become inside rich you can and will become wired for wealth and the “impossible dream” can become your reality.

In closing, my shocking confession: The truth is that fear and insecurity has reared its head in my life regardless of how much or how little was parked in my bank account. I’ve had no money, a little money and a whole lot of money. The ONLY tool that consistently works to keep me feeling positive, confident, secure and moving forward, no matter what is happening or not happening, is practicing faith. The further I distance myself from practicing faith the more fear, the closer the contact, the more courage and confidence. Ironically, during the most stressful times in my life—where great losses were imminent, were the times I felt the most peace because I was practicing faith daily rather than sporadically.

ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self Made Millionaire: Can Your Heart Be Wrong?

ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self Made Millionaire: Can Your Heart Be Wrong?

Society bombards us with messages that it’s imperative to follow your heart if you want to be happy and successful. “Let your heart be your guide”; “Follow your heart and you will never lose” and “Follow your heart wherever it takes you.” Now, I’m a total softie…I’ve been known to cry watching sentimental commercials! Yes, it’s true. I have the witnesses to prove it. However, as a success coach, woman, entrepreneur, and yes, even as a unrecovered “softie”, I cringe when I see these slogans and talk to clients, friends and colleagues who believe they must Only follow their heart (in all areas of their lives) or risk failure.

I hate to burst the pretty pink bubble of illusion, but I wouldn’t be honest or helpful by not speaking the truth about this purported “ideal” way of living. The very definition of “ideal” is: existing only in the imagination; desirable or perfect but not likely to become a reality. Yikes! Sounds pretty unromantic! But, here is the truth about following your heart. Yes, your heart doesn’t lie. That’s the good news. Listening to your heart is a really wise thing to do. It will tell you how you “feel” about the person, place, situation or thing in question. That discovery of your feelings is a great reveal. But, what it doesn’t take into account is reason. Reason and objective reality comes from your head not your heart. I bet you can see where I’m going with this. Your heart is pure emotion and your head is pure reason. They coexist inherently within us for a invaluable purpose–to work in tandem with each other to provide us the highest probability of success. Utilizing one without the other is like trying to successfully perform a task with a blindfold on.

Following your heart without using your head for rational analysis and an objective reality check is like playing pin the tail on the donkey…you might get really close to pinning the tail; but odds are you aren’t gonna hit a bulls eye and you’re gonna lose at achieving the very victory you set out to achieve. There is no potent strategy or logic behind merely using your heart in making life’s most important decisions. However, the value of knowing what’s in our heart and what it is speaking out to you is invaluable. Our heart tells us what’s important to us; what we are passionate about; who we love; what we are uncomfortable with; what we fear, what we desire…all relevant and important information for each of us to know because it tells us who we are at our deepest soul level and what we truly desire to have in our life. If we don’t listen to our heart, we can become disconnected and lose the truth of who we are at our deepest soul level. You can’t create a life of happiness or fulfillment by not listening to your heart.

At the end of the day, feeling too much and thinking too little isn’t a prosperous way to live nor is thinking too much and feeling too little. We’ve been graced with the gift of having both heart and head for a very good reason–to use them in tandem in perfect harmony to achieve a well-balanced keen decision making ability. I love the wise adage that says: Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.” Now, that’s the best strategy to use that will lead you to achieve a life of happiness, wealth and well-being.

In closing, my shocking confession: I L-O-V-E-D this business venture that was being proposed to me! It was going to be an incredibly creative, fun and exciting vehicle for delivering a powerful positive message to young teens worldwide. It fit exactly within the scope of my life purpose. Plus, it was going to make a huge amount of money. It was all coming together very fast with big name partners jumping on board. Then BAM, all of a sudden, the owner who brought me the venture (who had control of the rights to the entity) began getting really really greedy and egomaniacal. I didn’t want to give up this heartfelt dream of a project at all! I started feeling very uncomfortable. I had to go inside my head to do an objective analysis of what could happen if I went forward with the project…The objective truth was that there was no value match with this person and that the values being acted out were potentially dangerous and damaging. I walked away… I was sad… Later, I learned that he had swindled investors out of a lot of money which resulted in lawsuits and tying up the title to the project for years on end. It still hasn’t been resolved. I’m glad I followed my heart, listened to it, but didn’t fail to leave my brain behind.

ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self Made Millionaire: Is it OK to Quit?

ON THE COUCH: Shocking Confessions of a Self Made Millionaire: Is it OK to Quit?

We are constantly being bombarded with slogans that tell us “Never Quit”, “Quitters Never Win” and “Never Give Up”. But, the truth is REAL WINNERS KNOW WHEN TO QUIT!

It’s not about quitting your dream which means quitting yourself. Rather, its about knowing WHAT to quit and when to quit it. I recall my very first experience with “quitting” which sent me into a tail spin! I was the brand of person that did not know the meaning of quit and would tenaciously pursue my goal to the bitter end. Until I realized I was harming myself and my chances of successfully attaining my dream. I, literally, was shocked to realize that there indeed is a winning aspect to knowing what to quit.

It happened to me at the point in my life I knew I wanted to start a new business that would fulfill the creative person inside me longing to be unleashed. However, I wasn’t clear on what the creative vehicle would be. I loved so many creative outlets: photography, playing guitar, writing, cooking, sports and drawing. I had angst over which direction to go in because I knew once I dove in…I’d take it all the way and never quit it. I dove right into my 1st venture and half way through I knew it wasn’t the right fit for me…I liked it; but there was just that feeling that something was missing and wasn’t working. Can you relate?

Most of us can relate to the “something is just missing and it isn’t working out as I thought it would” feeling. Whether it be in a personal relationship, business venture, invention, product launch or financial investment. The key here is not to give up on attaining your dream of having that successful marriage, financial investment, business venture or invention; but knowing when the current path to it just isn’t working. That’s when it’s time to quit what you’re currently doing and “redirect” your energies to go down a new pathway to attaining our dream.

Here are the Top Five Signs It’s time to quit WHAT you are doing (not your dream):

1. Taking actions not consistent with your core values just to keep things going
2. Consistently feel unfulfilled and dispassionate
3. When you’ve put your financial, spiritual, emotional or physical health in jeopardy
4. You’re doing all the giving and nothing is being returned having given it all you got
5. Your ego and pride is preventing you from letting go because you don’t want to be perceived as a “failure”

Most of the worlds greatest inventors who have positively changed the course of history and permanently improved the quality of our lives knew when what they were working on to attain their vision wasn’t going to work out and had the humility, passion, strength of character and courage to not give up on their dream, but to steer themselves in a new direction to achieve success.

Never give up on your dream! But, do know when it’s time to head in a new direction to attain it. It’s not quitting. It’s how you become a winner and a success.

In closing, my shocking confession: I launched a new business, successfully raised all the capital I needed, achieved explosive growth in the 1st year of business and garnered elite partners… then BAM, I realized it just wasn’t what I was meant to be doing! Urggghhhh, now what? It just wasn’t fulfilling my dream of teaching others how to achieve success. If I quit, I risked looking like a failure and having that company on my record as a “unsuccessful” venture. I refused to quit….. My health and well-being began to suffer…I was eating poorly, sleeping very little and gained weight and was barely working out. I got real cranky and had lost my joy! I knew it was time to move on because I was “losing”– myself–and that is the ultimate loss and failure. I reclaimed myself, found my joy and in the process learned a very valuable lesson.