You know you’re meant to achieve great success. And, you want it now.
Don’t buy into the outdated belief there is no speedy route to attaining it.
It was unbelievable a short time ago that mail, packages, car service, music and
movies could be delivered nearly on-demand… but it happened. Now, it’s happening
in the Success space with the Maximum Riches Formula™. It’s all you’ll need to
attain the success you crave in minimum time amid today’s global challenges.
Your time is now. The wait is over…


“Walk in Linda’s footsteps and she will carry you to what your heart and soul desire in life.”

Judith Williamson,
Director of Education

“Walk in Linda’s footsteps and she will carry you to what your heart and soul desire in life.”

Judith Williamson, Director of Education NAPOLEON HILL WORLD LEARNING CENTER

Hi, I’m Linda Zander, The Success Packager, and Pioneer of the MAXIMUM RICHES FORMULA.

The Formula is based upon hard proof rather than mere conjecture or theory. When I learn something from someone, I want to be sure that I’m learning from someone who has actually applied what they are teaching to their own life and has achieved success for themselves with what they teach. I’m that person.

I’m living the life of my dreams. I truly love my life… each and every single day.

My goal now, is for you to have all that I have PLUS much much more!

I want to share with you how you can use this formula to attain it far faster than you can possibly ever imagine. I’ve done all the hard work, trial and error for you and know what works. I invite you to take advantage of all that I’ve earned and learned, as many already have, and to profit from it quickly… without sacrificing your integrity or values to get it.


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A Millionaire’s Secret Formula to Rapidly Mold You into a Master-Maker of Success. MRF ™ is a proven, rapid fire process that tells you exactly what to do to attain a balanced achievement of maximum wealth and well-being …in minimum time.

” I have used Linda’s MRF twice recently and both times achieved phenomenal results beyond what I thought was possible! If not for Linda and her MRF, I would not have gone after or gotten what I now have. Most recently, as a result of her MRF training, I successfully negotiated a 35% increased revenue contract in under 48 hrs!” 

Bradley G., Los Angeles, CA, May. 10, 2018

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Super Sized Success: 9 Steps to Maximum Riches in Minimum Time

Rapidly hone yourself into The Total Success Package. You can’t achieve or receive maximum riches unless or until all of you is prepared to have it and hold it. Follow the 9-Steps inside and it will take you there — quickly–that is, as quickly as you are willing to go. Get going now.

you’ll learn how to

  • Identify Your Personal Short-cut to Success
    Uncover what specifically drives you and how to use it to shorten time to success
  • Maximimize Your Mental, Physical and Financial Prowess
    Specific practices, thoughts, actions and even foods to use
  • The Non-Negotiable Item You Must Use to Attain/Sustain Riches
    It doesn’t cost you anything to get; but everything if you don’t use this
  • Identify and Eliminate Negative Influencers Blocking You from Success
    Trust me, they exist and need to go
  • Become a Revolutionary New Brand of Leader/Success
    Use this never told before df of success. Others are outdated and don’t work
  • Receive Direct Messages from a Supreme Power Source
    Same way Martin Luther King, Jr, Mahatma Gandhi & others used to succeed